5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in New Zealand

As someone who has lived in New Zealand for many years now, I’m fortunate enough to have travelled around most of this amazing country and stayed in all kinds of interesting places.

Now while on my travels, one of the things I’ve enjoyed doing is visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls that we have in this country. So here are my favourite waterfalls which I think people visiting here on their holiday or other travels will really enjoy.

Tawhai Falls in Tongariro National Park

Tawhai Falls
Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/black_friction/892249627/

There are falls in NZ which are more impressive than these but I still recommend a visit as they’re situated in the outstanding Tongariro National Park which is a great place for a wide range of treks along many beautiful mountainous tracks.

The walk to the Tawhai Falls in the park was quite easy and you should set aside a good couple of hours for this walk.

Devils Punchbowl Falls in Arthur’s Pass
Devils Punchbowl
Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/purecaffeine/5771030406/

This is a very beautiful waterfall in Arthur’s Pass which even this impressive photo doesn’t do the view justice.

The easy way is to watch the falls from the main road which runs through Arthur’s Pass. This view is fine but as long as you don’t mind a small walk then I recommend watching these falls from the base.

It should take you around one hour to reach the base and return. Ask around and you should find the local shops and bars tell you how to get to the start of the walk.

Two Falls in the Catlins

Purakaunui Falls, photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gary_stockton/3887494046/

The Catlins is one of those places which are blessed with a whole host of walks through rain forests, beaches and hills.
It also has two of my favourite waterfalls;

  • Purakaunui Falls
  • Matai Falls

Both falls are impressive but if you only have time to visit one of them then try visiting the Purakaunui Falls which are just asking for you to take a photo.

Also, both falls are very well known in the area so ask someone working in the place where you’re staying and they should tell you how to get to them.

If you’re looking for a good place to stay in the Catlins you can take a look at the following place as their accommodation was very reasonably priced, good food as well.

Multiple Falls in Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds Waterfalls
Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/herry/356323225/

You’ve probably heard about Milford Sounds already as it’s an extremely popular destination for tourists. When I visited this place, the main thing which stood out for me was the huge amount of waterfalls.

They range from small narrow types which gently trickle down to the water base to some huge falls which gushes water all the way down completely vertical cliff faces.
If you want to view the falls at their most impressive then I recommend you visit the place after a heavy rainfall. But don’t worry; even in the middle of summer, you should still be able to see some lovely falls here.

Huka Falls in Taupo
Huka Falls
Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/astronomyblog/6486623783/

The last falls are very popular and you’ll see why when you get there. You’ll see a very powerful waterfall with strong vivid colours.
It’s not very high but it was one of the most impressive because of the sheer power of the water.

There is a bridge over the water to view the falls which is free to visit but I also enjoyed viewing them from the water in a speedboat (details here) which was very exhilarating indeed!