7 Travel Safety Tips From The Experts

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1. Travelling offers a sense of excitement and contentment that few other activities can match.

However, just like everything else in life, safety is of paramount importance even when you travel. No matter where in the world you are, it is a fact that tourists are often targeted since they make easy victims; that should not be allowed to act as a downer for your travel plans. If proper precautions are taken, you can ensure that your vacation is a safe and enjoyable one. Here are some top tips from travel experts that will help you enjoy a safe and secure holiday:

2. Always make photocopies of your passport before departure.

Make sure you also make copies of any and all stamped pages in the passport, including any visas for the countries you plan to visit. Keep the copies of the passport away from the original, preferably in a different piece of luggage. If your passport ever gets stolen, the photocopies will help your country’s embassy or consulate ascertain your identity and nationality.

3. Always keep your cash and credit cards separate.

If you are unfortunate enough to get mugged or robbed, you will most likely end up losing only one of the two things. Keeping cash and cards separate ensures that you do not end up penniless should the unthinkable happen.

4. Research before you leave, especially if you plan to explore a city or town on foot.

Know where the rough neighborhoods are and give them a wide berth. Similarly, check the reputation of a tourist spot before visiting. Many tourist attractions are hotspots for pickpockets and con-artists. If visiting such an area, prepare well ahead and keep a close eye on all your important items at all times.

5. When leaving the hotel room to go out, do not leave any valuables or documents lying around.

Stow them away in a safe that should be provided in your room. If not, you can always request to have the items deposited in the hotel safe for safekeeping. Under no circumstance should you carry your passport around when sightseeing. Some seasoned travelers prefer to leave it in the hotel safe as soon as they arrive.

6. Traveler’s checks are a great way to carry large amounts of money safely.

Not all places accept them anymore, but in many tourist destinations they are still widely accepted. In some countries, you can spend your entire vacation on traveler’s checks only, especially if the exchange rate is heavily in your favor.

7. Good old common sense goes a long way to ensure that you stay out of trouble and do not attract too much attention to yourself.

Many tourists get targeted by criminals since they make it very obvious that they are indeed tourists. For example, do not stand at an intersection with an open map in your hands and gazing at the street signs; actions such as this is are a dead giveaway that you are a tourist.

Traveling safely does not have to a logistical nightmare, but some amount of planning goes a long way to ensure that you do not get into trouble. Follow these simple tips and they will ensure that you stay out of trouble during the vacations.

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