Activity Ideas – New Zealand Stag Do

View of Queenstown from the Gondola
Image: Creative Commons license – By Law Murray

Known for its beautiful countryside and enticing coastlines, New Zealand has much to offer when it comes to planning a stag do weekend. Adventurous daytime activities and a plethora of bars and nightclubs in every big city provide ample opportunities for an incredible weekend that will send the groom off to his vows in style.

During the day, the island offers a number of activities from which stag mates can either challenge each other for superiority or simply settle back and enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.

Activity 1 – Paintball

For those who want to see who would be the last man standing, paintballing allows friends to take aim at each other, and especially the groom. A World War II themed paintball grounds can be found just outside Christchurch on the South Island. This site includes commando missions and beach and fortress assaults, which can provide hours of entertainment. An alternative is laser skirmishing in Auckland, which combines the combat of paintball without the bruises.

Activity 2 – Clay Pigeon Shooting

For those who want to practice shooting, but at targets that aren’t their friends, the North Island offers clay pigeon shooting. Certain package deals allow for mobile trap shooting along the Ngaruroro River, where the group can picnic and swim when not knocking targets out of the sky. Most companies will not allow anyone to shoot if they have had too much to drink.

Activity 3 – Go Carts

Hit speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour in electric go karts in Auckland, or go quad biking near Mt. Ruapehu.

Activity 4 – Fishing Charters

Boats can be chartered out of Auckland for fishing the areas around Little Barrier, Great Barrier, Kawau Island, Flat Rock, the Mokes and Hen at Chicks. Charters can be made for four hours or full days. For those looking to hook more exotic species of marine life, most captains will take the group to appropriate areas. Equipment and bait can also be provided.

Activity 5 – Partying

In the evening, the group will no doubt want to enjoy a few drinks. While any of the big cities in New Zealand have a number of bars to hit, Queenstown is famous for its night life as well as its adventure sports, so might make a good base. Auckland offers casinos, comedy clubs, haunted attractions, murder mystery parties and party boats.

New Zealand’s daytime activities can get the adrenaline running in every member of the group or simply allow them to relax while taking in the country’s scenic sites. At night, drinks will be flowing at any of the many nightclubs and pubs throughout the country.

This has been a guest post from Andrea Thompson of, where you can find more ideas for planning a stag trip to remember.