Compare couriers – New Zealand to Australia

If you are planning on sending items in a parcel or package to Australia, keep note that it can be difficult and frustrating task. It seems many New Zealanders don’t know what options they have for cheap couriers when shipping things across the ditch.

What’s the best option for cheap couriers?

Finding the cheapest courier can be a nightmare task with ringing up all the operators and explaining the height, weight and dimensions of the package/s you wish to send. When I recently sent items to Australia, I used a comparison called to help find the best courier deals. You just enter in your package dimensions (once) and it gives you rates for all the major courier outlets in Australia that will ship your goods.

This way, it is much easier to find the cheapest couriers on-line. What’s best, is that you can pick and choose your pick up address, so you don’t even have to leave home, or alternatively, they can come pick it up from your work in most major metropolis areas.

Other websites I have found of a similar nature are Compare Couriers and Courier Comparison, which both offer cheap freight to Australia as well. However, I personally liked Deliver My Package myself, the design is really well done, although all the above sites all use the same type of courier comparison.

Use Deliver My Package for the cheapest courier deals!

I saved $45 by using Deliver My Package. I was shocked. I thought that all couriers would have similar pricing on the same type of package dimensions. It turns out, that Australia doesn’t have a ‘courier monopoly’ like NZ does. This means there is more competition for couriers to give better rates to get the job. That works out well for everyone in New Zealand who wants to send goods across the ditch with out breaking the bank!

Find cheap Australian courier services today with Deliver My Package!