3 Ways to Save on a New Zealand Holiday

Today, we look at the 3 best ways to save money on a New Zealand Holiday. There are plenty of websites out there that say they offer cheap hotels, flights and car hire, but few meet the expectations of the individuals needs, few make it easy to save, and few are designed well enough to convince people that they are legit. I travel to New Zealand frequently, and as a result I have used and tested many websites that presumably help you to save money. Here is my list of sites that actually helped me to save money, while at the same time made the whole process extremely easy and weren’t designed by a five year old!

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#1 – New Zealand Rental Car Hire

This industry is full of poorly designed websites, many of which don’t offer much in regards to savings. Enter comparecarhire.co.nz. I have found this site to be extremely helpful as it allows me to compare the best car rental all over New Zealand, including many of the tourist hot spots and also a few that are off the grid. What I like about this website is that it is easy to use, saves me heaps of time by comparing the best deals and displaying them on one screen, rather than me going to all of the providers websites and searching them individually. I have used this website several times and saved money each time. I like to compare deals on offer where ever I go, and Compare Car Hire helps me do this every time. Many of my friends also use this service, because it is free to use, there is no cancellations fees and no booking fees! If you need some cheap car rental New Zealand has to offer, head over to Compare Car Hire now and give ’em a go.

#2 – Cheap New Zealand Flights

This is a topic that is of constant debate amongst my group of friends who travel often… there are so many flight websites out there it makes my head spin. Personally, I only use websites that have invested into their design, and have tailored their offer well. Enter Flighthero.com.au. I see that this website has been mentioned before on this website – its actually how I found it! What I like about Flight Hero is that it is designed really well, has an easy to use search functionality that helps me to see cheap flights from Australia to New Zealand (it covers many countries as well) and actually displays flights that are cheaper than booking through a travel agent. It is perfect for those travelling with only carry on baggage, or those who don’t mind paying for baggage at the airport. Personally, I don’t mind paying for my baggage at the airport, the flights are still cheaper than most of the major flight comparison websites, because they do not charge and additional booking / service fees that seems to riddle the industry.

#3 – Cheap New Zealand Accommodation

One of the best ways to save money when travelling to New Zealand on a holiday is to get cheap accommodation. Again, this industry is full of complicated and frustrating websites that don’t seem to offer anything helpful. Enter nzhoteldeals.co.nz. NZ Hotel Deals has saved me heaps on New Zealand accommodation! It’s actually quite amazing the amount of hotels, motels, backpackers and other sorts of accommodation that offer deals on line. I guess with the birth of the internet a whole new paradigm in marketing and attracting customers was born. Every time I jump the ditch, I always check out the cheap accommodation New Zealand has on offer through NZ Hotel Deals. It covers all the major tourist spots, and also heaps of the smaller towns and cities which makes it way easier when you are planning on a holiday that differs from the norm (which I totally recommend, New Zealand is so beautiful!). Many of my family and friends also use this website – I love the design and it makes it so easy to compare the best hotel deals on offer which usually saves me between 50% – 80% on the price! There isn’t many other websites out there that do it better than NZ Hotel Deals.

So there you have it! 3 of the best ways to save money on your next New Zealand holiday. Take my advice, these sites will help you to compare and save $$$… I know because they have helped me! Happy travels 🙂

About the Author:
Kim is an Australian resident who frequently travels to New Zealand and around the world for both holidays and business. Her experience in online travel has made her a fantastic advocate for travel websites.