4 of the Most Romantic Places in New Zealand

Whether you’re planning your first or second honey moon (congratulations, if that’s the case) or you simply want to go on a romantic getaway with your soul mate, you will hardly find a better place than the intimate landscapes and defiant mountain tops of New Zealand. From the moment you set foot on this magnificent country, you will be charmed by its romantic atmosphere and the breathtaking sights.

Here we offer you our recommendations of the most romantic destinations in New Zealand.


Queenstown | NZ Hotel Deals

It’s situated in the South Island of New Zealand and is one of the most picturesque cities in the country. During the years, Queenstown has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It offers you both luxury hotels and a variety of entertainments, such as sports, spa and body treatments. The city is perfect for fishing, rafting and sailing. The local crafts can develop up to 70 km/h, thanks to their special gas turbines.

Queenstown can offer its visitors even an equestrian center, where riding lovers can practice their favourite sport. Now you can ride the Kingston Flier which a lot of people find as a very attractive suggestions. This is a beautiful old steam train that passes through some of the most interesting towns. Because of the gold rush in the past, this steam train has become emblematic. Its final destination is the endangered bird species reservation. So in short, if you choose this city for your next romantic vacation, you will definitely spend one of your most beautiful and unforgettable trips.


Rotorua | NZ Hotel Deals

This fascinating city is situated in the North Island of New Zealand, right on the south coast of the homonymous lake. Its population is around 67,000 people. Because of the specific smell of sulfur coming from the variety of geysers and mineral springs, Rotorua is often called ‘The land of sulphur’. For the local people this is a very important place, strongly connected to their history and traditions during the ages. It is a very well developed tourist destination. There are 17 lakes near to the city, which allow visitors to practice different types of sports. It’s also a balneo spa resort and attracts couples from all over the world.

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman | NZ Hotel Deals

In the southern part of New Zealand, there is one magnificent place – The National Park Abel Tasman. The park is situated along the beautiful “Golden Bay”. The shore of the park is the first place, where Abel Tasman – the discoverer of New Zealand, stepped foot. Abel Tasman park is often described as the living paradise on Earth by its visitors. Gentle ocean breezes, isolated beaches and rain forests. This gorgeous place has became one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors from over the world.


Auckland | NZ Hotel Deals

There is a reason why this city is always in the top of list of the best places to live.

Auckland is a colorful city which combines perfectly modern tourist sites, attractions, related to the heritage of the Maori, and the natural beauty of the country. The so-called ‘adventure tourism’ is also very popular. One of the main attractions of the city is the distinguished watchtower Sky Tower, which offers a panoramic view from over 320 meters. Another attractions, that are worth to be visited are the zoo, the botanical garden and the War Memorial Museum. All lovers of nature and tranquillity can enjoy the variety of islands islands in the area,which are a great choice for a summer holiday, romantic vacation or even you honeymoon.

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