5 Awesome Fictional Places We Wished We Could Fly Our Hot-air Balloon Over

We have a dream, which also makes up as our bucket list. A bucket list of five simple things, all hinging on the desperate hope that all our favorite fictional places would someday become a reality. And by that, we don’t mean the theme parks or the movie sets; we mean the real deal. Frame to frame for what we see on the big screen. But while that still remains to be seen, we can continue to find happiness in the colorful land of our imagination. Where we can simply fire up our hot-air balloon at will and blissfully float over our favorite fantasy lands. And while we’re at it, we give you five of our personal favorite places we would love to float over.

1)   Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter

Everything about the Harry Potter movies is a visual treat! But what makes our hearts ache with desire to be there physically is that glorious school and everything around it. The huge, foreboding castle-turned-educational institution, with its numerous towers and embattlements effortlessly makes the jaws drop straight to the floor. A pan-shot of this campus, wouldn’t do enough justice. However, from the skies, witnessing this wonder quietly co-existing with the Black Lake and the Forbidden Forest- both full of fascinating creatures, we can’t help but wonder what miraculous sights and sounds we might come across.

2)   Mordor (Lord Of The Rings)

War in the North Screenshot 1

One does not simply walk into Mordor, but one can definitely fly over it- at least in our heads. Naturally protected on three sides by deadly volcanic mountains and made of a jagged terrain that’s impossible to embark upon, this is one road trip we’d rather give a skip. However, an air-trip is a whole new story altogether. With evil hanging heavily in every square inch of air, the intimidating landscape and the feeling of impending doom, adrenaline rush would take a whole new definition here. If only…

3)   The Citadel (Mass Effect)

What is not fascinating about a civilization hanging/flying in space? The Citadel is perhaps one of the most awesome places in video game universe. The gargantuan space station offers an intriguing medley of a plethora of races from all over the galaxy. The Citadel is a giant pentagram like structure, consisting of a central ring and five equally massive arms protruding from it. Just one shot at circumnavigating around this marvel, and we’d die happy the next instant.

4)   Asgard (Thor)

Universal Thor

Thor may have fallen for an earthling, but we can’t help but swoon at the beauty that Asgard is. The larger than life towers, a 360 degree view of the earth and every other realm in the galaxy, and of course a chance to walk on a rainbow. Oh and not to mention, Asgard is home to the warrior Norse gods. Asgard doesn’t really need anything more to elevate its awesomeness, unless it can rope in some unicorns.

5)   The Wall (Game of Thrones)

The Game of Thrones, like Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings, offers a kaleidoscope of geography that is so awesome, there’s no way magic isn’t involved. This brings us to The Wall- a ginormous 700 feet high wall made entirely of ice stretching for a good 300 miles along the northern border. The wall was essentially built to protect the realm from the wildlings that live beyond. What would we not give to float past this humbling yet intimidating structure, the Castle Black, the abandoned castles of Nightfort and Deep Lake and everything else in between?!

Josh Welch is a travel blogger. He has visited many exciting places in his lifetime, but finds the riding the hot air balloon in Sydney as one of his best experiences. He often pen’s down his thoughts about a particular place and also gives valuable travelling tips on his blog.