6 Accommodation Experiences You Should
Try Before You Die

A holiday is not so much about the destination as much it is about the journey, you say? Excuse us for taking things a little too literally, but here’s the deal about the journey- it gets exhausting. There’s a reason accommodation tops the list of every holiday check list, you know. It becomes your home away from home. And, every now and then, we come across holiday homes that possess the potential of becoming the very definition of your vacation.

Some are humble; some are just plain off-beat; nevertheless each deserves a good spot on your “Holiday Bucket List”. We’re not talking floating rooms or underwater hotels (though, they are awesome too). Allow us to present to you six types of amazing yet less taken accommodation options that’ll change your idea of a hotel room.

1)   Hot-spots

What better a feeling is there than lounging on a wooden porch, sipping on chilled cocktails, getting the perfect balance of the sun and shade? While desert resorts may not be as popular as the conventional resorts, they do come heavily armed with their own brand of charm. Ultra-awesome pools set against a splendidly contrasting background of oddly shaped cacti, overwhelming canyons, and vast expanses of land, topped with the shattering blue sky. Peaceful, unconventional holiday on a budget? Look no further than this.

2)   Glass igloo in the Finnish Lapland

Our hearts go out for all those who crouch, squat or sit in other bone-breaking positions, in that treacherously cold weather, just to get a glimpse of nature’s very own light show- the Northern Lights. But what if we told you, you can have VIP passes to the Aurora Borealis without even so much so as twisting a muscle? Witness this phenomenon from your own heated glass igloo. The experience is overwhelming and humbling and breathtaking, all at the same time. And, it also makes for some perfectly legendary travel tales to take back home!

3)   Camp out on a deserted island in Mozambique


This is your chance to feel like Tom Hanks from Castaway, minus the tortuously difficult parts and civilization taking you as dead. Holidaying here captures the very essence of a holiday. No civilization, no chaos, no deadlines to meet, no worries of urban life; just you, the clear blue skies, the soft sand and the pristine waters. Mozambique islands are famous for heavenly seafood, exotic mangroves, untouched and history as ancient as time itself. Honestly, we doubt if there’s any better way of being in touch with nature in its simplest form; it’s just plain life-changing.

4)   Whitewashed houses in Santorini

Santorini offers much more than just the experience of living in stark white houses and witnessing a marvellous panorama. It offers the mother of all sunsets. It’s a time when the orange-red sun bathes the white homes in its soft glow and puts on a magical (and of course, romantic) show of sorts. The nearby lighthouse of Akrotiri and the Pyrgos village are equally amazing places to witness this marvel.

5)   Holiday villa in Spain

Spain is truly one blessed holiday destination. This is one country that makes the best of the sun, the sand, the hills, the food and the vibrancy. And there is no better way than experiencing all of this than while floating in your private pool in a beautiful Spanish villa overlooking the Mediterranean coast, sitting snugly on a hill. Perfect tan, here we come!

6)   Treetop hotel In Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is a visual delight for everyone- sex, age, background irrespective. Even if you’re someone who runs in the exact opposite direction of wildlife, a few days at a treetop hotel in this national park will change it all. This place is a postcard of the enchanted forest from your imagination. It’s a kaleidoscope of landscapes and ecosystems- cut through deep ravines, Aberdare has it all- right from lush forests, to vast valleys, to misty moorlands, to tranquil streams. And to witness wild animals be their uninhibited best in their natural environment; there’s only one word for that- ethereal.

Robert Trueman is a businessman and regularly travels around the globe. Having stayed in a variety of locations, he is well equipped to talk on issues of accommodation. He advises people to browse more of Whitebeach’s Playa Blanca holiday apartments to get the best deals.