7 Famous Tourist Destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country rich in tourist destinations that visitors can choose from. Some of these features include islands characterized by dense forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers and thermal areas that a single trip may not exhaust. The country’s culture is a unique blend of the indigenous Maori culture and the modern values and hence providing a place for everyone. The 7 most famous destinations in New Zealand include:

Milford Sound | NZ Hotel Deals

The Milford track

This is one of most famous destinations that allow the visitors to engage in different hiking activities and if walking is your thing you are assured to get the best walk in the world. The area also gives an ideal venue for photography and video recording making your adventure an adventure to remember in a life time. The dark blue waters and the frequent down pours ads to the magic scene of the coastal island.


The small coastal town of Kaikuora found on the south island is another destination where people enjoy the variety of sea foods such as fresh crayfish, mussels and blue cod among others. The untamed Kaikoura forest provides a perfect hiking place for the land lovers. A walk in the forest is characterized by spectacular views of the diverse variety of flora and fauna.

The Glaciers

The Fox and Franz glaciers are the only unique glaciers found in the pacific as they. Being the only glaciers in the world that flow into tropical forest makes them exceptional by all standards. They are not far from each other and hence are easily accessible within 30 minutes drive from one another. Unlike other glaciers the fox and Franz glaciers have continued to grow larger since 1980s making it more spectacular in view. The visitors are able to walk to the base of the massive glacier to get helicopter rides end hence get the beautiful view.


Rotorua is one of the geothermal centers where visitors get the stunning view of the wonders of the world. Upon arrival the visitors smells a strong sulphiric smell from a distance with geysers and geothermal spas located evenly in the city. The boiling mud and hot water springs erupt every day in new places of the parks and reserves. The lake on the front of the city offers the visitors a wide range of activities enough to keep you occupied all day.

Tongariro National Park

The national park has been listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and this explain why the park continues to receive many visitors all year round. It’s also an ideal venue for hiking and skiing due to the varying slopes. The park has a rich variety of natural features that include lakes, volcanoes, forests, and dry plateau that is perfect for picnics.

The Bay of Islands

This is one of the ideal holiday venues that are hard find in other parts of the world. It contains many islands with secluded bays and beautiful sandy beaches that give the visitors the best adventure. The bay boasts of a rich variety of marine species composed of whales, penguins, dolphins among others. Some of the activities carried out in this area include sailing and fishing among others.

Punakiaki Coast

This is another destination that is characterized by rocky and violent beaches with a wild environment. The pancake rocks are a unique feature of the area that continues to attract many visitors from all over the world. The magic pancake rocks are said to have been formed 30 million years ago and hence a national heritage.

In conclusion visitors from other countries are not required to submit ESTA application prior to their visit. They only need to possess all the legal documents required of them by the immigration department.