A Close Look At Reefton Gold Area, New Zealand

Reefton is a small west-coast town in New Zealand. Its former name is Quartzopolis, which is connected to the fact that gold was discovered there in a quartz reef in 1866. There are also other industries in Reefton, such as forestry and coal mining, and the most important one among them is tourism.

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These days there are many tours and trips organised for passionate tourists who want to visit the former gold mines and have a unique time exploring the town and its Gold Area. To fully feel the spirit of this amazing place, have a cup of tea with old miners and enjoy their great stories about the gold mines and the town, listen to them proudly telling you about the fact that Reefton was the first town in New Zealand to have street electricity and let them take you back to the old times when the place was full of people excitedly searching for gold.

There are many things you can do in Reefton and have an amazing time. There are several activities that visitors can enjoy, such as visiting the Gold Area, taking part in free Quartzopolis expeditions, mountain biking, trout fishing and more.

The Town

Reefton is a lovely place to visit. Its gold period left the town a rich heritage. There are many restored buildings which create a unique spirit by allowing visitors to feel and see the old charm Reefton has been offering for many, many years. Have a walk in the town and enjoy its character that will take you back to the past. Offering a variety of attractions and activities, Reefton is surely a must for travellers.

Gold Fever

When visiting Reefton, something you definitely have to do is try gold planning. Whether you choose to do it by yourself or you prefer to go for a guided tour, in any case you will love the activity. Slab Hut Creek and The Bearded Miners Company can offer you a time to remember.


There are free Quartzopolis expeditions that let you enjoy the incredible quartz mining heritage that you can find in the area.

Open Pit Time

Another great way to spend time in Reefton is going to the OceanaGold open pit time. You will receive equipment and will be given access to machines and the mine itself. A guide will show you around the place and will explain the gold-mining process step by step. In addition, you will be able to enjoy the stunning beauty of the surrounding Paparoa and Victoria Ranges.

Mountain Biking

In case you’re a biking-fan or you simply want to experience everything that life offers, mountain biking is a great idea. Reefton offers a number of good biking tracks that are suitable for bikers of all ages and experience levels. It’s indeed a wonderful activity that will give you another insight on the way people in Reefton live.

Trout Fishing

Another thing the town is famous for is its fresh-water fishing. Only forty minutes by car from Reefton, you can find twelve river systems, so you can decide which one you prefer.

Reefton Gold Area is an incredible place in New Zealand that is worth seeing. Every traveller should have Reefton in their wish-list of destinations in the world. Put a mining helmet on, mingle with the rest of gold-searching people and feel the unique spirit of this devouring place.

Author bio: Jack Sheamus loves to write about the nature of New Zealand. He works for Quality Cleaning London but his real dream is to live in New Zealand.