Banish Your Fear Of Flying, Forever!

There are many out there that have such a fear of flying that it has stopped us from enjoying holidays or going on vital business trips. Some of us are embarrassed to admit to this and make up clumsy excuses hoping that no one will cotton on to the fact. In the end you are faced with two choices:

  • Continue to avoid flying and miss out on enjoying the world with friends and family
  • Face up to your condition and decide to conquer it once and for all

Here we look at the second option and hopefully you may see something that helps you to move on with your life.


Understand The Process

One of the most frightening aspects of flying is the fear of crashing, plain and simple. When you are on a flight, you will be met with many odd noises and vibrations, the sooner that you understand why these are occurring then the quicker you will be able to relax. Speak to your friends who have flown before and ask them to relay their experience to you. Get them to explain how often turbulence happens and ask if they are ever afraid as well. You can go to some websites that are set up specifically to help people like yourself. You can experience a whole flight without ever leaving the ground.

Flying Is Very Safe

The chief reason behind any fear of flying is the irrational fear of the plane crashing. The sooner that you begin to accept how safe flying really is, the better the chance you will have of overcoming your fear. You have a five hundred per cent more chance of dying in a car crash than you do whilst flying. The pilot will be a consummate professional and there are so few other planes in the sky compared to cars on the road, it really helps you to understand the safety factor. If you need more convincing, you should look at the statistics regarding fatal airplane crashes. It may seem a grim idea, but it will help to give you some perspective on things.

Grab A Window Seat

The general opinion is that the seat next to the plane is the most stable when turbulence is experienced. It will give you a view of the outside world and as you are fairly central, you should feel less of the bumping effects. Open up the air conditioning valve and set it to maximum, this cool air will relax you and should help your nerves.

Take A Pill If You Must

If you are on your first flight and all of the above are not helping, bring along a little extra help. Speak to your doctor about an appropriate aid for nerves and you should get several options. Only pop the pill if your flight is a medium or long haul affair. There is nothing worse than landing at a busy airport whilst under the effects of a heavy sedative.

Mike Doherty is a regular traveller and frequently hops from one place to another in aircrafts. He encounters many people having fear of flying and feels that it can be easliy overcome. Parking is major problem at all airports around the world and considers the airport parking in Melbourne as the best.