Beaches That Offer The Most Bang For Your Buck!

Hands up who isn’t jealous when they hear their friends planning and talking about their holiday? We all need more time away and it seems that everybody else is doing it all the time – you’re missing out! A holiday is so beneficial to you for so many reasons – it’s so important to relax for an extended period of time every now and again. Getting away from your normal life helps you look at it from a new perspective – you’ll see things more clearly and you’ll be far more able to appreciate all the good bits.

There was a time when you needed a huge budget to be able to afford a holiday but these days it is getting far easier to find great quality holidays abroad on a shoestring. You just have to think a little creatively about how you will go about it. Here are our top tips for bagging that holiday of a lifetime for a fraction of the price that you’d imagine!

Location, Location, Location

The first step is to identify where you want to go. The most popular choice by far for package holidays has to be the Canary Islands. Peppered with beautiful islands, each with its own distinct character, the Canaries offer guaranteed sunshine and plenty of history and culture. Most of the bigger islands such as Gran Canaria and Lanzarote have their own airport so you can usually find a direct flight straight in. The Canaries are situated just off the coast of Morocco and are owned by Spain. Because they are so popular with the tourists they are really well set up for visitors and tourism is their main industry so you’ll be made to feel very welcome.


Once you have pinpointed where you want to go it’s time to start hunting around for the best deal. Don’t just snap up the first one you find – use price comparison websites to get the best offers. Speak to your local travel agent as they may be able to compete – and it’s always better to use a company you know and trust. If you have left things to the last minute then don’t worry as there are loads of late deals available. When it comes to booking, see what you can negotiate as part of the deal. For example, it’s a great idea to try and get an all-inclusive package which means you won’t spend anything on food or drink while you’re there. Another way to save money is to make sure all extras are knocked off the flight bill, for example meals and extra leg room.

Budget When You’re There

Often the money you spend when you are on holiday comes to more than the price of the holiday itself! Really watch what you are spending and set yourself a daily budget to stick to. Work out how much spending money you can afford to take with you and don’t let yourself exceed it. It is possible to live on a small budget – remember the old saying ‘the best things in life are free’?!

Be the envy of your friends for a change and jet off for a VIP holiday on a shoestring!

Henry Stew is an avid traveler and enjoys writing about his travel experiences. During one of his latest outings, you can book villa Mare with Lanzarote which offers beautiful apartments and villas to its customers in Lanzarote.