Buying Travel Insurance – Key Areas To Consider

After experiencing your fair share of holiday mishaps, you’ll know that finding the right travel insurance policy is far more important than buying the right factor sun cream or the most dashing swimwear.

A holiday is designed to provide you with ample time to relax, enjoy a fresh set of scenery and become immersed in a different way of living. Acting as the first port of call should anything go wrong, a travel insurance policy will aim to protect this clear image of what a holiday should be.

Buying Travel Insurance - Backpacker Insurance

Price often plays a huge part in the decision to opt for one provider over the other, while brand awareness could also sway you towards a household name. However, you’d be foolish to base your decision purely on reputation and quoted price. Admittedly, a reputable company offering an attractive deal is often what everyone wants, although the value of this proposition depends on what it covers.

Feel free to seek a specialist to help you with specific requirements, but here is a selection of general areas to consider.

Single or group?

In some instances it’s best to find individual policies, although families should always look for the group option. It’s likely that family cover will cover both parents during their stay with the kids covered free of charge. This is by no means standard issue though, so it’s always worth keeping your eyes out for these cost-cutting deals.
How many trips?

Not only should you perform a quick count of your group, you should also make a quick guesstimate for the amount of trips you’re planning. If you’re booking up for a trip in January or February then you can expect to add at least one extra during summer. Past that, could you rule out a third trip to cap off a well-travelled year? Most can’t say for certain and will chose to invest in a multi-trip policy just to be safe.

Annual cover is great for the jet setters of this world as it’s often cheaper than buying two or more policies. Not only this, it saves you having to go through numerous providers; conducting two or more separate searches and keeping hold of mounds of paperwork. It’s much easier to put it all in one agreement!

Age boundaries

Not all household providers will cover holidaymakers above the age of 65. Many companies consider people around this age to pose a risk due to perceived problems with their health. It would probably be an idea for the big guns in travel insurance to offer some kind of screening process; but alas, they continue to go down their stubborn routes with regards to cover.

Does this stop people in their autumn years getting covered in the lead up to their break? Of course not. You can still get affordable insurance at the age of 79 if you wish; you’ll just need to look around a bit more. Try searching online, where price comparison sites and search engines will direct you to the best cover.


The right policy will enable you to take longer holidays; it’s as simple as that. Providers will list how long they’re willing to cover you for in their product description. If not, they’re probably hiding something!

Always ask your provider how long you can gain cover for before booking your flight home. A lengthy duration will last around a month, while you wouldn’t want to go lower than a fortnight.

Everything else depends entirely on what you’re bringing with you. Standard cover should include trip cancellation, medical cover, cash and travel documents, although a good policy will be able to provide this and much more. Do a spot of shopping online and see what you can find!

Author bio: Liz Smythe loves to travel and regularly writes about the dangers – and pleasures – associated with backpacking. Her extensive travels have prompted her to advocate the use of backpackers travel insurance no matter what the destination.