Finding Hotel Deals Through Your Airlines

You may feel overwhelmed trying to make a number of different travel arrangements. You may be better off trying to make all of your purchases and reservations through a single channel. One of the easiest ways to do this is by going through your airline to make hotel reservations. This can be a great way to save money on your reservation as well.


Using Your Airline to Make Hotel Reservations

Many people want to use one system to make all their travel arrangements. A 2009 study found that about 70 percent of travelers are trying to find ways to simplify the way they plan their trips. The vast majority of people would much rather make reservations online. Less than a quarter of travelers still use the telephone to make airline reservations. People buying airline tickets online are also more likely to look for great deals on hotels and other travel accommodations.

The study also found that nearly 40 percent of travelers would rather use their airline to make reservations for hotels and other services that they plan to use later on. Your airline may also have a number of great deals that you can use as well. They will sometimes advertise these deals for you when you make your purchase. However, sometimes you are going to need to look more carefully for the deals.

You will want to think about the types of deals that various airlines offer before you even buy your ticket. All other things being equal, you would be better off going with the airline that gives you access to the best hotel deals.

Which Airlines Allow You to Take Advantage of the Best Hotel Deals?

Almost all of the major airlines offer deals on hotels. Many customers ask what airline offers the best discounts. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. You will need to be proactive about looking into the deals on various hotels through each airline’s website.

Every airline has its own arrangement with different hotels. Some airlines will be able to help you take advantage of better discounts in certain cities. Here are some tips that you should follow:

  • Delta Airlines tends to offer the best deals on hotels in New York City. You can save nearly $130 more on a hotel in Times Square when you make your hotel reservations with Delta Airlines than you would with Expedia.
  • JetBlue is the best airline to use when you are looking to find a deal on hotels in New Orleans. You can make a hotel reservation for at least $35 less than you would using Expedia.
  • American Airlines offers the best deals on hotels if you are traveling to Florida. You can save nearly $140 over the cost of booking a hotel through Expedia.

You should check the prices on different airlines when you are trying to make a reservation for a hotel. You may be able to save a considerable amount of money on your overall trip.

About the Author: Kalen is a frequent traveler who stayed at the Comfort Inn Hotel in Pueblo Colorado during his BNI trip throughout the Midwestern United States.