Five tips when Emigrating to New Zealand

So chances are that like me you are completely tired of the cold, wet and windy weather and you are desperately looking for some sort of reprieve – well for many people this comes in the form of an overseas relocation, and New Zealand can be one country that many people choose to go for this type of change.

New Zealand Sea Gulls

If you are considering upping sticks and moving then bear in mind it is not an easy or quick process and a great deal of time and planning needs to go into your move. This is crucial to ensure everything is done properly. Here are five key thoughts that you should take into account before you consider a relocation to New Zealand:

1. Sort out a job
Having a job or a job offer first, is one of the most important ingredients to any move and knowing that you have the financial support when you arrive in a new location is crucial. It’s easy to look for jobs before you leave and in many cases you will find it easier to apply for a New Zealand visa if you have a job or a job offer to go to. Additionally, having a place where you can quickly meet people can really help your transition into your new environment.

2. Sort out a visa
If you are looking to visit New Zealand, even for a relatively short stay, you will require some type of visa. There are so many different visas to New Zealand available that it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. One thing that can help you is the fact that in general, New Zealand are fairly reasonable about their visas and as such they offer Work to Residence options which means that if you do work there for an extended period of time you do have the option to stay in the country rather than to leave.

3. Check your finances
For many people, moving overseas may be a decision based on finances, but you will find that for some people it does in fact end up costing them considerably more when they make the initial move. Settling into a new town is not cheap, and the cost of living in New Zealand is much higher than you would expect. Make sure you have enough savings ready to make that initial investment into your new home when you move to New Zealand.

4. Work out where you want to settle
New Zealand may not be the biggest country in the world but it still offers a variety of different cities you can choose, all of which offer different lifestyles. Working out where you want to settle means taking the time to really look at your options all the while considering education and other opportunities if you have a family.

5. Make the most of your opportunities
Not everyone has or gets the opportunity to move to New Zealand but if you are able to count yourself as one of the lucky ones, make sure to make the most of the opportunities given to you. Give yourself the best possible chance to set up a new life in New Zealand, exactly how you want it.