Food And Wine Festival Wellington, New Zealand

The Food And Wine Festival Wellington, New Zealand
4 – 6 April
CBS Canterbury Arena
10am – 6pm Fri – Sat
10am – 5pm Sun

Along with Australia, New Zealand is believed to be one of the most developed countries in the world. It is a dream land, a fascinating combination of strong European influence and an amazing, rich culture. The country is often ranked as one of the best places to live on Earth and during the years it has become a beautiful tourist destination. Everybody has heard of New Zealand’s beautiful nature. This is the land of dense forests and rare animals.

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is often called ‘the coolest little capital in the world’. With a population of 393 600 people, it is a great mixture of thriving cuisine and great traditions. It is a fascinating tourist destination, attracting more and more people every year.

The so called Food Show is one of the most popular food festivals all around the globe. During the years, New Zealand has turned it into its national celebration. More than two weeks of food and wine wine tasting. Is there anything more romantic than spending your summer vacation eating excellent dishes and drinking the finest wines?

The city has more than a hundred restaurants, where you can taste a lot of different and unusual meals. The number of the foodie events is also rising every year and today it is more than 110. Apart from the amazing food and the fine, wine selection, you can enjoy the fascinating atmosphere of the city as well as its rich culture and traditions.

Here are some of the most interesting food shows you can enjoy during this festival.

Pacific Harvest

This is one of the companies that really impressed us. It offers healthy and organic food, using sea vegetables such as sea weeds. These vegetables are very nutritious and widely used in the Asian cuisine. Pacific Harvest offers a great variety of snacks, soups, pancakes and herbs, made of these vegetables. They are extremely good for nutrition and have a great number of health benefits.

Alchemy Beverages

Alchemy beverages is also a company that presents their products every year. One of their most interesting products is Honey Wine, made of fermented honey and water. It has an amazing sweet taste and it is a really great complementary to some fine cheese.

Silk Road

Silk Road is another great food company, taking part in this famous event. In fact, it is a typical example of the international character of the whole festival, since the products are inspired by the first European to follow the Great Silk Road to China – Marco Polo. The food they offer is various – from spicy, traditional Chinese dishes, to Indian and Vietnamese food.

Barry’s Bay Cheese

This is the only cheese company in New Zealand, producing vintage cheddar aged in cloth and wax. The required level of maturity can take up to three years until it leaves the factory. At the Food Show you will be able to taste one of their finest products.

At last but not at least, we highly recommend you to visit the 45-minute food show of Richard Till. You will have a lot of fun, listening to his funny stories and enjoy his half-an-hour food demonstration.

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