Gallop Away To These Top 4 Horse Riding Destinations

Ah, the joy of horse riding! Imagine cantering away on horseback under the cosmic blue skies, basking in the lucid fresh air, letting the cool breeze ruffle your hair while you discover some pristine locations and rugged terrains with exhilarating sceneries. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?


Well, this particular heaven can’t be too far if you are an equine enthusiast and have a passion for horse riding. Horse riding can be a great way to discover some offbeat and exotic far-flung locations, gallivanting away into the wilderness and experiencing nature from a different perspective altogether. Here is a list of four ultimate horse riding destinations you might not want to miss out on:

Tuscany, Italy

What can be a better way to experience the idyllic Tuscan landscapes and explore the tranquil and authentic Tuscan countryside than on horseback? The stunning city of Tuscany in Italy is bound to give you a lifetime riding experience as you gallop your way through medieval villages, lush vineyards, ancient woodlands and olive groves, abandoned castles and towers, and extraordinary abbeys. Be ready to be swept by sprawling carpets of oat and barley and glistening yellow sunflower meadows.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to dig into some authentic Tuscan pizzas and relish the famous Chianti wine from Tuscany.

Mozambique, Southeast Africa

If you are someone who enjoys a good trot along the beach, Mozambique in Southeast Africa has some cracking white sand beaches that can offer you an ultimate beach horseback riding holiday experience. You can indulge in a horseback safari along the serene and gorgeous Vilanculos coast or on Benguerra Island, which is also a national park, located in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The incredible sunsets, immaculate white sand beaches, extraordinary cliff top views and the azure blue waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago will leave you with some extraordinary and unforgettable moments.

Golden Circle, Iceland

If you love horse riding, the Golden Circle in Iceland is yet another mind-blowing destination that you shouldn’t miss out at any cost! Saddle across the lava fields and volcanic plains of Iceland, ride through the stunning countryside and experience some spectacular sights such as the hot springs of Geysir and the magnificent Gullfoss waterfalls. And yes, before you canter off on your ride, make sure you take some time out to appreciate and get acquainted with the distinctive and majestic Icelandic Viking horses. Though these horses might seem smaller in size, they are known to be the strongest and sturdiest of all horse breeds.

Rajasthan, India

If you are looking for a truly authentic, exotic, colorful, vibrant and pulsating horse riding holiday, it’s got to Incredible India! Rajasthan in India is one such place that can offer you a unique and interesting riding experience. Discover the rich culture, history and heritage of Rajasthan, riding atop royal Marwari horses, a strong, sleek and tall breed formerly used as war horses. Gallop along the vivacious and lively cities of Ajmer, Jaisalmer and Udaipur as you get to witness the rustic desert sceneries of Rajasthan, get a feel of the rich folklore, music and culture of tiny colorful villages, and the prehistoric castles, forts and palaces. Oh and yes, don’t miss out on savoring some delicious local dishes while you’re there!

Gareth Andrews is a horse lover and travels frequently around the world. His love for horses is what takes him to different destinations and advises people to try out a Horseback Riding Holiday. In his spare time, he also blogs about his travels.