Hello Istanbul – What Travellers Need to Know About Hookah Smoking

What Travelers Need to Know About Hookah Smoking

If you travel to Turkey, you may come across an invitation to smoke a Hookah, and if you’re unsure of Hookah or what it is, you may be hesitant to do so. But Hookah is a very common thing to find while traveling throughout Turkey, and the following are a few things you need to know about Hookah.

It has many names.

We in America tend to know Hookah by the name of Hookah, but when you’re traveling to Turkey, it may also go by the name Narghile. It is also known to many by the name of Arghile and Shisha, so if you’re offered any of these things, it all means Hookah.

They’re found in public.

Hookahs are very commonly found in public places in Turkey, as the majority of hookah users use the item to smoke flavored tobacco. Yes, it is possible that some people in Turkey will smoke hashish in their hookah, and some may even smoke marijuana, but the majority of hookah users stick with flavored tobaccos, typically fruit flavored.

You may find hashish.

If you are interested in smoking hashish, you may be able to do by simply asking around. Even though it is illegal, most people in Turkey still smoke it in their homes, and some business owners may even have some on hand for special occasions.

You’ll experience a high.

Some people think that since most hookahs only use flavored tobaccos that they will have the same effect as regular cigarettes, but this is not true. Smoking flavored tobacco through a hookah if you’re not used to it can put you in a euphoric and immobile state for a few minutes. If you’ve never smoked a hookah before, it’s very important that you know this so that you can be prepared.

It’s addictive.

The tobacco used in hookahs in Turkey is addictive, and if you are prone to addictions or if you find yourself indulging in it a lot while on vacation, you may find it difficult to get back home and not have any to smoke.

It’s unhealthy.

Some think that because hookahs are not used as regularly as cigarettes that they don’t pose any health risks, but they do. Using a hookah to smoke is just as unhealthy as smoking regular cigarettes. The smoke travels into your lungs, which can cause breathing issues and diseases.

Hookah tobacco is expensive.

If you want to continue using a hookah when you get back home, you need to realize that it’s not as readily available in the states as it was back in Turkey. This means that you’ll need to travel to a specialty smoke shop, and this can cost a few hundred dollars to buy.

There are hookah bars.

There are plenty of hookah bars and hookah lounges throughout Turkey, and if you want to experience a hookah while traveling, this may be one of your safest options. Some lounges offer you the tobacco they have while others will let you choose from a variety of flavors. You will then share the hookah with those who are sitting at your table.

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