Long Haul Flights Made Easy

Long airplane flights are a necessary evil if you need to get somewhere quick. Whether it is a holiday or a business meeting, long haul flights are tiring and all consuming activities. Some people deal with the flight by drinking alcohol and others prefer to pop a few sleeping pills. In reality, neither of these is a good idea for a long haul flight. If you are a frequent flyer or have a holiday coming up, please read this article for some ways to make your trip a little more comfortable.

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Bring Your Comforts

All airlines will supply you with a pillow and a blanket, but they don’t really compare to your home comforts. Bring your favorite items and even your slippers for a relaxing experience. The plane supplied items can often harbor germs that will ruin your onward journey even more than a sleepless flight.

Keep Hydrated

Ensure that your body is fresh and revitalized by drinking plenty of water the night before. Add some electrolytes to the water for an even better experience. If you usually have an alcoholic drink in the evening, give it a miss for once. Dehydration will make you feel miserable and may stop you from getting any rest on the journey.

Extra Help

Melatonin is a natural sleep aid and can really help you to relax on your long haul experience. Start taking a few tablets two days before your flight to allow your body to get used to it. If you get plenty of sleep on your flight, you can lessen the jetlag effects.

No Coffee

Avoid this beverage for a few days before your journey because it can take that long to flush from your system. Caffeine will dehydrate you and raise your stress levels, two things you don’t need before a long flight.  Have a coffee just before you land if you must, but definitely say no politely when the stewardess offers it during your flight.

Stretching and DVT

Deep vein thrombosis is a real threat for long haul flight passengers and you need to ensure that you avoid this condition. Take a little walk every hour or so and stretch your legs. Sitting down for over eight hours is not a healthy activity and can cause circulation issues in the healthiest of people. If you get a choice of seats, always opt for an aisle position. It will be easier to get up and you can also stretch your legs into the aisle every now and then.

Eye Masks

You may think that they look ridiculous but eye masks are very effective when you are trying to get some rest. They create an artificial darkness environment and soon you will be drifting off to the land of nod. Some earplugs are also a good idea but remember to remove them before getting off the plane.


No matter how tempting that spicy curry option may seem, it is best to stick with plain food for your dietary choices. You will risk feeling bloated and possibly encourage some trapped wind due to your cramped seated position.

Amy Cairns is a business women and a regular traveller. She is of the opinion that the undercover airport parking in Melbourne is one of the best in the world. Traveller’s comfort is of paramount importance and believes that many such initiatives should be undertaken across the country to ensure it.