Nelson Wine Art in New Zealand

Nelson is one of the oldest settled cities and the geographical center of New Zealand. Situated on the east shore of Tasman Bay, the city is the cultural center of the Nelson region. It’s famous for its local arts and the annually held Nelson Arts Festival, which is an event attended by both locals and tourists. Picturesque scenery, mountains, golden sands, crystal-clear water and virgin forests – Nelson is an incredible inspiration for many artists.

Wine Art

An important part of the culture of Nelson and also one of the most famous arts in the region is wine art. There are several diverse wine-growing regions in New Zealand but Nelson is the most productive and recognized one. Nelson Wine Art is made of 25 wineries which are run by families. Unique wines are made both in the hills and the plains.

The clay soil and warm climate with many hours of sunshine per year help creating perfect grape-growing conditions. As a fast-growing region, Nelson offers a variety of boutique and award-winning wines. It’s not just a wine region, it’s a region that offers to people the experience of tasting the enchanting wine and become part of the unique sensation of wine art. Situated on the western part of the country , with mountains to the west and a coastline, the region has a good balanced weather with sun and rain.

Grapes in this region can also grow at cooler temperature. Wine makers in Nelson specialize in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling which form over eighty per cent of the wine production of the region. The Chardonnay is rich and has a nice acid texture. The Pinot Noir has an elegant fruit tinge whose delicious charm remains not only in one’s noise but in the mind as well. It’s and enduring experience.


With its variety of exquisite wines, Nelson constantly wins more awards than the other regions in New Zealand. Although it’s one of the smallest regions in the country, Nelson is widely recognized for its fine wine and wine makers keep on winning many viticulture awards. Wines from Nelson are sold all over the world but there’s no better way of tasting them than combined with exploring the lovely scenery of New Zealand and delicious food that goes with wine.

Wine Tasting

A great idea for a summer activity is visiting Nelson wineries. There you have the opportunity to meet owners and wine makers, become a witness of the beautiful process of wine making, perhaps volunteer and most importantly, taste their best wines. There is a number of different wines offered there and what’s interesting is that each type can be distinguished among all and it’s not that difficult to guess which exact place they come from.

This is a perfect idea for wine lovers who would like to explore the region’s production. With its variety of wineries, it can be pretty hard to decide which ones to visit first, but whichever you choose, you will enjoy some unique aromatic wines with an interesting flavour. And yet, if you take a couple of days, you will be able to visit most of them.

Wine is not just a drink. For a long time it has been an interest of not only connoisseurs but also people who enjoy a glass of fine wine every once in a while. Wine is a way of setting a tasty and elegant lifestyle, it’s art. The very best way to experience the art of wine tasting is to do it at a place that will fascinate you and Nelson is undoubtedly a place like this. With it’s majestic scenery of mountains, beaches, green nature and colourful vineyards, it’s a place that will steal your heart.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus knows a lot about New Zealand and its geography. He works as a coordinator at and has a lot to share about his favourite country.