Romantic ideas for the birthday of your loved one


What sort of things do you like to do for the birthday of your loved ones? Some common ideas can range from organising a romantic break away or a spa treat, through to doing something unexpected together, and getting them personalised gifts. The main thing to focus on when arranging a romantic birthday for your loved one is to make sure it’s something that they’ll be comfortable with, and that you can hopefully take part in together. With this in mind, some good romantic ideas for your loved one’s birthday include:

A Romantic Break

This is perhaps the ideal way to give your loved one a romantic surprise, whether that means going for just a day, a weekend, or longer. Trips to Europe for the weekend can be an excellent opportunity to treat your partner with boutique hotels, fine dining, and cultural tours, while enjoying the chance to relax. Paris and Venice are standard choices, while Croatia is particularly popular at the moment if you want an alternative to the usual places.

Alternatively, you can go for a romantic break in the UK – popular destinations include the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands, where you can stay in boutique hotels, or rent self catering cottages in the heart of the countryside. City breaks in luxury hotels and resorts are also a good idea, depending on whether your partner wants to get away from it all or not.

A Spa Treat

A day at a spa can be an excellent birthday present for your loved one, and can be combined with a great meal and other activities around a resort; you can either pay for them to go away with friends and family, or come along and combine your trip with going out and enjoying meals and time together. Many cottages, resorts, and boutique hotels in the UK and overseas will also offer spa treatments on site.

Doing Something Unexpected

Having a healthy degree of surprise in a relationship can be a great way to keep things romantic – you can find new things to do together on birthdays, from skydiving to going to somewhere you’ve never been to before; make sure you check with them, though, if it’s something that they might not be comfortable with at short notice. You can, however, also be unexpected by doing something romantic that you might not have before, which can include sending flowers to where they work.

Personalised Gifts

One of the best options for making a good impression on your loved one’s birthday is to create a personalised gift or gifts to give to them – this might involve jewellery with their name on it, or even a collection of different gifts that have been tailored to their preferences. Bottles of wine and different food from favourite shops and locations can be a good idea here, and can make a birthday gift much more romantic.

Author Bio: Lloyd Parnell frequently blogs about travel destinations and ideas for special occasions. At the moment, he recommends using Room For Romance for booking your next weekend away.