Things To Do Before Take Off – Doing Air Travel The Right Way!

Flying can be a stressful, sweat-inducing experience! All that racing to the airport, going through customs, waiting to board the plan, paperwork flying everywhere etc. – it’s enough to make the coolest person hot under the collar. But it really doesn’t have to be that bad! If you are organised and spend a little time planning the finer details of your travel then flying can turn into a really great experience itself. After all, isn’t life all about the journey, not the destination? Change the way you travel for good and you will in effect have a much longer holiday – it will start from the moment you leave your front door! Here’s what to do:

Plan, Plan, Plan!

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Think about your journey really carefully. Make sure all your logistics are watertight so there is no chance of you missing your flight. That’s the most stressful thing of all! Make sure you allow yourself loads of time to get to the airport. Check and double check before leaving home that you have all your paperwork – including your passport and flight tickets. If you are travelling by car to the airport then fill up on petrol the night before so you can hit the ground running in the morning. It really pays to think ahead!

Be Organised

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Keep all your paperwork in a dedicated folder rather that stuffing it in the side of your suitcase! And on the subject of suitcases, travel as light as possible. Can you get away with just taking hand luggage? If so you will knock out loads of time spent hanging around waiting for bags (that may get lost anyway!). Keep a handbag just for essential travelling items.

That’s Entertainment!

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No matter how organised you are there is likely to be a lot of hanging about. Boredom is painful – watching the hours span out in front of you is depressing and will just put you in a bad mood. Instead, make sure you pack lots of things to keep you occupied (it will be cheaper than buying them at the airport). You’ll need a good book, a magazine, and a personal stereo. Think about food too – pack a picnic and you will avoid extortionate costs, long queues and horrible food.

Use Your Time Wisely

If you have work to do can you do it at the airport? You’ll feel very pleased with yourself if you can tick off some boring admin jobs while you’re waiting. Perhaps you have a long list of non-urgent emails to reply to? Now is the time to tackle them! Flying off with an empty inbox will feel very satisfying indeed!

The key to flying is to always think ahead. You should arrive at your destination cool, calm and collected. And don’t underestimate the power of turning up looking fresh. You should allow yourself plenty of time to freshen up while you are on the plane, and ladies – do your makeup!

Make flying a pleasant experience and it will transform your entire trip! Try it next time you fly!

David Peter is a businessman based in Melbourne. According to him, one of the benefits of choosing airport parking in Melbourne is safety of the car and the other being, traveling at one’s convenience. An avid blogger, he blogs about his travel experiences in his spare time.