Three Perfect Paddleboarding Destinations in New Zealand

New Zealand remains one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. The varied topography, beautiful weather, and crystal clear waters make it an appealing spot for so many seeking to take a break from the stresses of life. As a place filled with people that love and celebrate spending time outdoors, it’s a perfect spot for stand up paddleboarding.


If you are a visitor to New Zealand then you absolutely have to give paddleboarding a go while you’re there. Many people will find a number of local parks and paddle stores that offer daily or hourly rentals all over the country. So, if you are presented with the opportunity to paddleboard, check out these three places.


This is ultimately New Zealand’s perfect holiday destination, with boiling mud pools, hot springs, fresh water springs and narrow channels, it is considered as one of the must go places in New Zealand. Some of the best scenes to visit while in Rotorua include Lake Tarawera, Lake Rotoiti and Lake Tikitapu, which have incredible crystal clear waters and offer amazing views of the lake floors.

Abel Tasman

Just as with Rotorua, Abel Tasman has beautiful crystal clear water, amazing weather, wildlife and white sandy beaches. The waters in the area are home to many species of animals including the dolphins and the fur seals making stand up paddleboarding a truly fantastic and unique experience. Apart from stand up paddleboarding, scuba diving is another favorite sport here.


For those visitors who won’t have much time to explore outside the major metropolitan areas, Auckland provides a perfect mix of city life and accessibility to paddleboarding. Auckland is considered to offer some of the calmest water along the eastern coastline of New Zealand. The calm water on the bay of this city are great for a day on the water without having to travel very far.

These three tourist destinations guarantee any visitor a perfect holiday experience and a great stand up paddleboarding experience.

Kate Gallagher is a paddleboarding enthusiast and travel fanatic who runs the site Paddleboarding Central, dedicated to helping new paddlers get out on the water, you can also find her on Twitter @PaddlersCentral.