Three Potential Risks When Traveling To A Foregin Country

Traveling to another country should be a very enjoyable experience. However, traveling has its own risks, especially if you’re going to a different country. These risks can take away the fun out of your vacation, and can also cause you to spend money to address the problem.

Below are the most common risks when travelling to another country.

Potential risks on holiday

Health Risks

The most common risk to travelling is health risk. This is especially true if you’re going to a developing country. This is why it’s important that you get shots and proper prophylactic medications and vaccinations if you’re going to a country infested with infected mosquitoes, for example. If the country is known for malaria, then you need to take the proper medications and vaccinations first before travelling to the country. You also need to use mosquito-repellent lotions. This can help reduce your chances of contracting the disease.

You also need to choose the places where you eat. Avoid establishments that are infested with flies. Flies are carriers of pathogenic organisms that can cause diarrhoea and vomiting. You also need to carry bottled water with you so as to avoid drinking contaminated water.

You need to educate yourself regarding the country’s most common yet serious illnesses. This way, you can better protect yourself against these diseases.

Personal Safety Risks

When travelling to another country, especially a developing country, there is always the risk to your personal safety. You might get mugged; you might get conned into carrying drugs; you might become a victim of a crime. If something such as these happen, then you need to go to the local police station immediately. Don’t confront the assailant. Go to a more public place and seek help instead.

Pest Risks

Travelling to another country is also one way to bring home pests. Take for example bedbugs. It’s been found that travelling is the greatest culprit when it comes to the spread of bedbug infestation. The hotel you’re staying in might be bedbug infested and since these are very small creatures, you won’t know you’re carrying them home until it’s too late. A couple of bedbugs could easily increase to hundreds in a matter of months. If you don’t do anything to address the bedbug infestation, your home will soon be crawling with these pests.

This is definitely not good if you or one of your loved ones is suffering from weak, immature, and compromised immune system since the molted skin of bedbugs could easily cause and exacerbate skin allergies and asthma attacks. Also, bedbugs cause nasty bites that are itchy.

If your home developed a bedbug infestation because of your carelessness, then you’ll need the services of a pest control company to get rid of them for you. This is an additional expense, of course, but something you have to do to rid your home of these pests.

To prevent bedbug infestation caused by travelling, you need to inspect your hotel room. Make sure there are no creepy crawlies under the mattress, behind the curtains, on the walls’ nooks and crannies, etc. You also need to inspect your bags, clothes, shoes, etc. and make sure that there are no pests hiding in them.

Jennifer Dallman writes for Preventive Pest Control in Kingwood. She writes about pest prevention articles and how to keep your home pest-free.