Traveling From Corfu To Paxos

Paxos Poseidon’s playground

In legend it’s stated that Poseidon created Paxos when he smashed his trident into Corfu, causing the island of Paxos to break off and separate. Legend also states that Poseidon used Paxos as his own secluded resort that he would use to get away from the troubles of everyday life.

Paxoi, Greece

Whether you buy into legend or not; the fact remains that Paxos is still a very secluded area that offers a lot of privacy and best of all; peace and quiet! Paxos has an approximate population of 2,500 people, so it’s a great spot to get away from the masses of people that you might find in larger cities.

Getting to Paxos

Because Paxos doesn’t have an airport, most tourists choose to fly into Corfu and then travel to Paxos by sea. Greece has a lot of beauty to offer, and if you don’t get to travel all that often, you’re going to want to see as much as you can in one trip. Lucky for you, Paxos is located only 11km from Corfu and it takes relatively no time to get there. You have a few options of transportation in order to reach the smallest of the Ionian Islands, and I’m going to go over a few now.


The first option you have is a selection of hydrofoil services. There are a couple different services like this and they can get you to Paxos in about an hour. These boats are extremely comfortable to travel on and they will typically provide you with all of the accommodation you’ll need; even though you shouldn’t need a whole lot on such a short journey. These types of boats are also relatively large and are generally able to transfer you and your family or group without any problems at all. This is a great option if you aren’t traveling to Paxos alone.

Sea Taxi

Another option you have is one of the various types of sea taxi services that are located in Corfu. This type of service is usually an inexpensive and fast way to travel to Paxos from Corfu and is the preferred choice for a lot of different people. You can expect to arrive in Paxos from Corfu in about an hour. Most sea taxi services are able to accommodate small to moderate sized groups, so if you’re traveling with your whole family, you may want to consider using a hydrofoil service. A sea taxi would be your best bet if you’re traveling alone or with your spouse.

Manadendri beach, Paxoi Greece

You want to get the most out of your vacation and see everything that Greece has to offer. Just because there’s no airport within Paxos, doesn’t mean that you can’t visit it on your trip! Take advantage of the many transportation services that will make sure that your holiday was an unforgettable one!

Christina Pike has put in many hours booking hotels in Corfu, Greece and has over 5 years’ experience of vacation planning.