Unusual Tourist Attractions in Australia

Decked with stunning scenery, intelligent wildlife and heart thumping adventure options; Australia, a continent, island and a country overwhelms, entertains and exhilarates with its glittering cities and spectacular natural wonders. This tourists’ haven attracts wanderers from the different corners of the world.

Dazzling cities like Sydney and Perth amazes tourists with its magnificent landmarks while isolated Perth stuns you with sheer beauty. But if you have visited these destinations several times and looking for change, then Australia is brimful of unusual tourist attraction. These places might not fit in the usual concept of tourism but it certainly gives you a heartening experience.

So book a business class flight to Australia and join us to explore unusual tourist attractions in Australia.

McKenna Air Bar

There can’t be a more amazing experience then having you dinner at a place that offers a view of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you think that it is not possible; then visit McKenna Air Bar on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. The bar hoisted 164 feet into the air has a capacity to accommodate 22 people that includes a violinist who will perform while you are savouring dinner and drinks.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol should be visited for some out of the box adventure options. This one of the most haunted place in Australia is highly frequented by tourists. The place hosts nightly candlelight tours in efforts to attract evil spirits. The prison is the site of 136 executions that includes Ned Kelly, the infamous bushranger.

Old Melbourne Gaol Photo: Wikipedia

Diamond Mine

If you are awestruck by the dazzle of diamond and want to know where it comes from then you should visit Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. A majority of the diamond in the world comes from this mine. The pink colour diamond produced here is its major speciality. You trip will start with the mine and conclude with a visit to the diamond displaying area.

Diamond Mine Photo credit: Wikipedia

Nullarbor Links

If you are golf enthusiasts then you should Nullarbor Links, this 18-hole golf course is longest golf course in the world. So come here to try your hands in golfing.

Daintree Forest

The land of Australia is blessed with several natural wonders and Daintree Forest is one among them. This one of the oldest rainforests in the world is inhabited by some unusual plants, animals, birds and butterflies. And a trip to this forest will only enrich your experience.

Cockroach Races

This could be your weirdest experience in Australia. The race that started in 1981 with the neighbours bragging has now become a tradition. The Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane has been hosting the race for past two decades. The race is held in a large box and also broadcasted on television.

Drivable War Memorial

The world’s first drivable war memorial was built in 1919 in the memory of WWI soldiers. The memorial was built by the returning veterans of world war. The memorial build without the help of any machine took 13 years to complete.

These unique offerings of Australia tourism will give you an experience of different kind. In addition all the regular attractions will be there to entertain you.