Visit the Stunning Punakaiki Rocks, West Coast, New Zealand

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been fascinated with rocks. Actually, at the tender age of 5, I dreamed about becoming a geologist, but as time passed and I grew up, I realized that turning your hobby into a job might not be as a good of an idea as it sounds. Still, to this day I’ve kept my fascination with rocks, and there are very few sights in the world more impressive than the Punakaiki Rocks. If it sounds vaguely like “pancake rocks”, that’s because that’s exactly what they are. No, the rocks aren’t made of pancakes (although that would’ve been delicious) but they look like stacks upon stacks of pancakes. It’s one of the most intriguing sculptures nature has ever created.

The Punakaiki Rocks

This marvel of nature started forming millions of years ago and we can bask in its infinite beauty thanks to the work of ocean water, natural climate and sediment rocks called limestone. The sight is impressive in itself, but that’s not all. There is also an undeniably gorgeous phenomenon caused by the tide. During the formation of the rocks, there have been many natural “air shafts” left in the rocks and during the tides, the combination of the seawater and compressed air makes a spectacular geyser-like show you can observe. It’s truly one of the most impressive works of nature you can ever witness.


If looking at the rocks isn’t enough for you, then don’t fear, because there are many other entertaining activities you can choose from, some of which might be a bit costly, but all of them are definitely worth it.

One of my favorites is riding a horse, taking a trek through the beautiful landscapes and wonder how can there be so much to see in nature, and how can we take so little time to actually notice it. You can also make guided journeys on foot, where the guide will give you detailed information about the various phenomena and sights you will encounter along the way. It’s truly educational and fascinating.

If you’re into more active endeavors, then look no further than canoeing down Pororari River. It’s an adrenaline filled experience with lots of scares along the way if you’re not used to extreme sports. Another option for you would be the slower, but still a bit dangerous and stimulating experience of rock climbing. I’ve never actually tried that one, personally, because as much as rocks fascinate me, heights scare me, so I steer away from anything that has to do with climbing.

But I think it would be much better for you if you stop for a second and experience the tranquility of simply watching the sunset and thinking about how beautiful our planet is and how lucky we truly are to be alive.

Places to stay

No matter where you choose to stay, you will definitely not be disappointed because all of the places there are simply great. Still, the Punakaiki Resort is really close to the sight of geysers, which means that you can observe them from there whenever there is a tide, which is definitely a plus in my book. The Hideaway is also a great and very private accommodation so if that matters to you in any way, shape or form, then that would definitely be your choice. Another place worth the note is the Paparoa Park Motel, which is located near the wilderness, giving you a sense of natural wonder and a better connection to nature, itself. Whatever you choose, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Author Bio: Jack is passionate traveler blogger who loves to find new untouched places. He is currently the manager of and loves to travel.