Wellington: A City of Cosmopolitan Ambience and Stunning Natural Beauty

Wellington a southern most city on New Zealand’s North Island is gateway to get the South Island is a wonderful capital city of New Zealand. Home to Parliament, the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, a thriving film industry, abundance of natural beauty and heaps of other cool stuff makes you feel happy that you have select Wellington as your next holiday destination.

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Stunning natural beauty, vibrant atmosphere, great culture, fine dining, thriving art scene, beautiful harbour, cosmopolitan ambience and urban amenities what else you want to enjoy a great holiday trip. So if you are looking all these and much more, then get ready, pack your bags and grab best deal discounted tickets for Wellington and enjoy a great journey.

Also known as arts and cultural capital of country, though it is not the largest city in New Zealand but is famed for its lively down town café’s, shopping, night life and entertainment venues which makes it a great place to enjoy a great holiday trip with your family and friends.

Discover everything about country

The National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa is one of the most ambitiously eclectic museums in the world. If you want to learn all about New Zealand , the land, the people, animals, birds, sea life , then this is must see. Virtual reality and motion simulation rides along with interactive exhibitions and hands-on display which is used to explore the land the culture and the people of New Zealand, is a fascinating fun for curious minds of any age. You can spend a whole day over here and it is free entry.

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Panoramic views of city from top of Mount Victoria

Enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of the city and harbour from the top of Mount Victoria. It offers you a great opportunity to watch ferries sailing in through the harbour and aircraft’s taking off from Wellington Airport. You can drive all the way up or walk through the town to enjoy lush greenery. To capture glimpses of natural beauty, just sit on grass, watch the sun goes down and the whole town is illuminated with bright lights. It is truly a marvellous scene which you just can’t afford to miss. Enjoy the various guided city tours.

The best way to discover the heart and soul of Wellington is on foot. Walk Wellington makes it easy for its visitors to enjoy a personal introduction of city. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides take visitors to key historical and cultural sights and provide insight about this vibrant city. They tell interesting stories of past, present and future of people and places that you won’t find in guide books as well. Some major highlights of these walking tours include Civic Square, Queen’s Wharf Lambton Quay, The Old Government Buildings, the Grounds of Parliament and Old St. Paul’s Cathedral are few among many which surely delight its visitors.

Beautiful waterfront of Wellington

Wellington has a beautiful waterfront. It is a walk able public space which is dotted with café’s, parks, sculptures, bars, and vendors selling variety of ice creams. Be a part of crowd and enjoy jogging, cycling, skating, biking etc. Stop by one of three markets on weekend or aim for Oriental Bay Beach to have a swim or just soak up the sun. If you want to enjoy all this fun and want to be a part of this fun parade then catch business class flights to Wellington and enjoy a great journey of this fabulous destination.

Give a chance to your taste buds

Wellington is known as the “Culinary Capital” which has more bars and restaurants per capita then New York. It is famous for tucked-away bars, quirky café’s, award-wining restaurants and curly fries. The city is also known as the craft beer capital and has legendary coffee. To pamper your taste buds just go ahead to Courtenay Place or Cuba Street to get amongst the good stuff.