Things to do in Wellington, New Zealand

If planning a trip to New Zealand, then Wellington (the capital), is one of the many destinations you must add to your itinerary. Whether travelling with family or friends, you will soon find out that there are quite few natural attractions to visit; for this reason, rather than rely on public transport, a campervan or motor home is the ideal method for your travels. You are in control, you decide where to start and end your journey, and you decide how long you are going to visit each of beautiful attraction/city.

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Where to go

When discovering Wellington’s natural attractions, visitors are going to find an abundance of places to see. Although it is known for its arts, the culture, and other attractions, there is also natural beauty for you to enjoy while traveling.

From the Petone Foreshore Boardwalk for those who love the scenic water views, to the Mt. Victoria Lookout, you can enjoy all the fine destination Wellington has to offer. From Utaki to Pimmerton, or Levin, there are a number of towns to visit while in Wellington, each providing scenic views, iconic destinations, and breath taking sites to remember a lifetime.


Manawa Museum photo credit: Flickr

Stunning forests and parks, reserves, and beautiful gardens can all be seen during your drive through the capital city. Each town has its own gorgeous park to visit, and camp sites to rest at, putting you in control as you can stop and rest whenever you choose. The Manawa Museum is a must see in Palmerston, with international shows, and pieces from international destinations.

The Manawatu Gorge reserve is great for those who love to engage in outdoor activities. From jet skiing to water skiing, hiking, or horse riding, there is something for every kind of adventurer. Pukemamra is set in a beautiful Victorian times, and provides the same style of scenery and gardens, that is a sight to remember and enjoy for a lifetime.

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Egmont National Park photo credit: Flickr

If you need to rest, New Plymouth has the finest facilities for BBQ, pools, and other great activities, its just perfect for those moments when you decide to call it a day. Mount Egmont, is home to the cone shaped dormant volcano, and can be seen in Egmont National Park. Taranaki Outdoor Adventures is great for those who enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, hiking, or other great activities and who not just wanna call it a day, but want to stay and enjoy some of natures beauties that this region has to offer.

These are just some of the many great sites you can visit and enjoy in Wellington. All these great places are a must when in Wellington, but having the luxury to visit them at your own pace and in your own time is the true beauty and can only be done when traveling in your own camper.

How to travel

If you are ready to discover Wellington, and plan your trip, make sure to visit where you will get heaps of great ideas when planning your. Not only is the site dedicated to booking your motor home, but it also provides you with a list of great places to visit, activities to do and the must see landmarks. All these great features making traveling easy, and helping you find the most beautiful spots to visit during your stay.

Whether it is your first trip, or a repeat visit to New Zealand, make sure to give motor home travel a go. It is not simple, fun, and brings the family together, it puts you in control of the entire trip. So, learn about the options available to you, and book your travels early, for the best rates.