Best Shisha Cafes In Melbourne

Melbourne has always been a popular tourist destination, so it’s no surprise that one of the world’s latest trends, shisha, can be found here in abundance. There are a variety of hookah cafes and bars, each with their own unique flavours and atmospheres, ensuring something for everyone. Lots of venues here have an Arabian theme and bare some resemblance to the Middle East, typical of all hookah venues.

Traditional Hookah Pipes

Arabica Lounge is one of Melbourne’s most popular shisha cafes

Arabica Lounge was one of Australia’s first hookah cafes and is located on Sydney Road. They always have a nice selection of hookah flavours to choose from and they offer a variety of flavoured teas and coffees. Candles cover the area to set the perfect mood and anyone who visits immediately feels comfortable and relaxed. The furniture and music are designed to help people relax, perfect for any shisha café.

Narah Lounge Café is also situated on Sydney Road, Melbourne

This is a simple but stylish shisha café. Narah Lounge Café is a bit bigger than Arabica Lounge so smoke can disperse easier, which some shisha smokers prefer. There are comfy couches and plenty of hookah flavours available, as well as tea and coffee. Lots of locals and tourists regularly frequent Sydney Road, so Narah Café and Arabica Lounge are easy choices for many. Both of these cafes don’t serve alcohol but they do share a love for all things shisha.

Sahara Nights is a shisha lounge that seems to have it all

Unlike the two shisha venues above that are simple but effective, Sahara Nights is a restaurant, sports bar, pizza parlour and live music venue all rolled into one! It’s usually open late and people can arrange private parties there.

This is a popular haunt with people throughout Melbourne because of its diversity. People can go to relax and watch sports, or even use their laptops with the free Wi-Fi. Then they can chill out with their favourite hookah flavours after finishing their meal. The food is of a high standard and a wide variety of drinks are available. The décor is Middle Eastern, just as with most shisha bars, and it’s the perfect venue for any occasion.

Melbourne has some amazing shisha cafes and bars

It seems as though Australians have welcomed shisha with open arms, considering the sheer number of hookah cafes and lounges across the country. Some are simple, some are extravagant, but they are all friendly and perfect for enjoying hookah. Some countries are introducing smoking bans in public places and that could affect the future of shisha, but for now Melbourne is embracing the recreation and letting people enjoy their favourite pastime unhindered.

Some people may carry an electronic shisha with them in such places or in case a hookah café isn’t in close proximity, but Melbourne seems to be one place where there’s no shortage of such venues. For tourists it might be prudent to carry a few e-hookahs until they get acquainted with the area, though it’s unlikely a hookah café won’t be nearby.