How do I find accommodation deals on this website?

Its easy. Use the search box to bring up a list of hotels in the area that you are interested in, compare the prices, find the best deal and book your stay!

Is this service free?

Yes, our service is 100% free to use.

Should I send you a message to help me find accommodation?

No. The most effective way of finding accommodation is by comparing prices through our website. You can start searching here.

Can I book online?

Yes. When you’re ready to book your stay, you will be redirected to the booking site for your accommodation. NZ Hotel Deals does not deal with the bookings, so we will never ask you for your payment details.

The deal I selected shows a different price on the booking website, help!?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of prices, deals and listings that we cover throughout New Zealand and ultimately Worldwide, there is sometimes inconsistencies in the data shared between us and the 3rd party booking site. While this isn’t directly our fault to begin with, we ask that you have patience with us, please contact us and let us know the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible so we can attempt to rectify the issue with the 3rd party information providers. You can contact us here.

Can I get a receipt from NZ Hotel Deals for the accommodation I purchase?

We cannot not offer receipts, as we do not take payment from you. Receipts will generally be issued by the booking site once you have completed payment online, so please follow this up with them.

Whats the catch?

There is no catch! The service NZ Hotel Deals offers to you is completely free.

I want to feature my hotel on your website, how do I go about it?

Please use the form on the Contact Us page.