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You will soon become aware that New Zealand has diverse culture. There is plenty to do to fill your social life, and residents are always keen to show warm hospitality towards visitors. With travelers visiting places such as Taihape in large numbers, hotels providing accommodation have grown allowing everyone to experience their stay here in budget motels and hotels close by all of the local amenities. Our website can be used to help you to find the widest range of hotels, which include bed and breakfast hotels, motels, condominiums, farmhouses, and luxury suites. You have the option to choose from a range of budget hotels in Taihape, when you look in our database.

Top Tourist Attractions in Taihape

You will find many activities and places of interest in Taihape, which include:

  • An unique festival of Gumboot throwing in Taihape
  • Go horse riding in the Natural Horsemanship through River Valley Stables
  • Enjoy river rafting on the Rangitikei River
  • Bungy Jump on New Zealand’s second largest bungy

You will enjoy many places to visit and stay in, which are enjoyable not only to any backpacker visiting New Zealand, but also to others including groups of friends, families, and those traveling with their partner or alone. You will find cheap accommodation in any of the roadside motels to spend a night in full comfort.

Best Hotels and Motels in Taihape

Spend some moments checking out the details about various types of accommodation in Taihape. Taihape is the ideal destination for anyone who is traveling in groups or on own their own. Visiting our website, you will find amazing Taihape hotel deals suiting your budget. From luxury hotels to boutique motels, and fascinating country houses to bed and breakfast apartments, you are assured of the most comfortable stay. You can decide which of the best offers from popular hotels match your requirements.

Top Restaurants in Taihape

You will also find information on the best places to eat in Taihape which any international traveler would want to visit. You will find delicious local food prepared from fresh, local ingredients; international cuisine; and Asian delicacies made to suit your appetite by experienced chefs. The River Valley Lodge Café and Restaurant has a wide range of New Zealand food on their menu, and among other popular restaurants are Chelsea Bar and Grill and Al Centro Restaurant for evenings of pleasure, good food and wine.


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