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You can compare cheap Kaitaia hotels with NZ Hotel Deals. It’s easy to find every type of cheap accommodation in Kaitaia. If you are after Kaitaia hotel deals, simply use the “View Deals” button above to see the latest deals available. Alternatively, if you know the dates you are wanting to travel, use the sidebar search box to search for cheap hotel deals in Kaitaia. You also have a variety of options to choose from, including cheap hotels, motels, cottages and backpackers.

Top Attractions in Kaitaia

Among the top attractions in Kaitaia, are:

  • A visit to Gumdiggers Park, a 100-year old Kauri Gum digging site
  • Visit to the Harrisons Cape Runner
  • Go on a Sand Safari, which includes Sand Tobogganing
  • Visit to Far North Regional Museum

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Cheap Kaitaia accommodation is so easy to find! Find the best places to stay in Kaitaia by comparing the best deal providers against each other! Using our deal search, you will find cheap accommodation in Kaitaia, including hotels, motels, backpackers, motor inns and more. Join the rest of New Zealand and get online to NZ Hotel Deals for the best deals on accommodation all around the country. Its cheap, easy, and best of all, free to use. So what are you waiting for? Use the search box above to find cheap accommodation in Kaitaia and start saving on your next trip!

Find Cheap Motels in Kaitaia

When planning your trip, find the best motels in Kaitaia to help save you money! You will find cheap Kaitaia motels providing the best amenities and situated in some of the most beautiful natural settings. Find cheap motels in Kaitaia online with NZ Hotel Deals today, you wont be disappointed. So on your next trip to Kaitaia, make sure you not only check out the attractions, but also check out our website to find cheap Kaitaia motels to suit your preferences and budget.

Places to eat in Kaitaia

You will find some of the exquisite restaurants in Kaitaia catering for tourists and backpackers with high quality food that is fresh from local farms and comparatively cheap. There is the La Lumiere Restaurant that specializes in New Zealand culinary dishes, Bushman’s Hut Restaurant serving steaks and A La Carte, and Beachcomber Restaurant serving seafood, European and New Zealand specialties. You will find each of these places ideal for family meals or dining alone or with friends in a charming atmosphere. These restaurants are favorites for an international traveler as well as for local residents.


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