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You can compare cheap accommodation in Oamaru that provides you with the cheapest deal possible! Oamaru is a small town beside the Oamaru River in the North Otago region of South Island in New Zealand. Great care is taken to compare cheap Oamaru hotels, motels, backpackers and apartments. Find the perfect Oamaru accommodation while touring through Oamaru and the Otago region. You have the option to compare from a range of cheap hotels in Oamaru, or you can opt for a cottage-style accommodation through to boutique bed and breakfast hotels in Oamaru.

Top Attractions in Oamaru

Activities and places to visit in Oamaru include:

  • On your drive from Dunedin to Christchurch and stopover in Oamaru to witness the stunning beauty of nature
  • Watch penguins play on the beaches
  • Stroll through the Oamaru Botanical Gardens to see attractive plants
  • Visit the Forrester Gallery to be amazed by the rare collection of incredible art items
  • See hand crafted art by both local and International artisans
  • Visit the Oamaru Opera House to see the effect of brilliant lighting
  • Cheap Hotel Deals in Oamaru

    Take a few moments to review details about your accommodation in Oamaru, which is the desired destination of many travelling in groups or alone. Visiting our website, you will find amazing Oamaru hotel deals with budget, serviced rooms available. From luxury hotels to fascinating boutique hotels, you are assured of the most enjoyable stay. You will find the best offers from popular hotels in this city.

    Restaurants in Oamaru

    There are some great places to have wholesome fresh and organic local food served hot. You will have a wide choice of affordable dishes in top restaurants in Oamaru. Places to eat include the Thames Boutique Motels and Café that serves a fantastic breakfast and lunch; Whitestone Cheese Shop and Café; The Loan and Mercantile where you can enjoy mouthwatering food from the blackboard menu with an old designed carvery. These restaurants and cafés are visited by both local residents as well as travellers from all around the world.


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