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When deciding to travel to New Zealand and you want to book a hotel in any of the regions within your budget, consider booking a stay in one of the luxury hotels around Balfour. You have a selection of affordable accommodation from any of the Balfour hotel deals. You can spend time in your chosen rooms for sheer relaxation during your stay. Experience a stay in one of the ultramodern resorts in Balfour, or party in one of the high-end hotels in this region. Feel the warmth of the fantastic weather while you explore from your hotel.

Things to do in Balfour

Here are some things to do in Balfour:

  • Experience the adventure in crossing the Kootenay Lake Ferry
  • Hire a boat for the best ride to Kootenay
  • Take a leisurely stroll around Willow Lodge gardens
  • Enjoy some local cuisine in the Balfour Tavern
    • Find cheap motels in Balfour and use it as a base to experience your journey. The art galleries, places of worship, and natural attractions of parks and gardens, and country walks make it worth visiting Balfour.

      Best Balfour Restaurants

      Eat out in restaurants serving fresh seafood and top-quality bakery products near Balfour. You have the choice of delicious meals to enjoy while soaking in the lively atmosphere in restaurants such as The Moth, the Blue Diamond Restaurant, Casa Bella Restaurant, The Royal Hotel, or the Magnolia Tree. Experience some delightful meals prepared using local seafood ingredients. If seafood is not to your taste, you can still enjoy good traditional New Zealand dishes served all day.

      Bargain Price Balfour Hotels and Motels

      Experience your stay any of the recently completed resorts by the beach, or stay in one of the hotels in the heart of the city. Feel the warmth of the fantastic weather in Balfour and sun bathe on the beaches. Find somewhere to stay to suit your pocket. We ensure that every international traveler and local alike is in total comfort while in Balfour.


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