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View the latest deals in Manapouri

Exclusive Hotels in Manapouri

Visiting our website, you can have the choice of hotel just for you in any of the places of New Zealand lining the stunning Pacific coastlines or the Tasman Sea, or the eco friendly atmosphere of the extensive forests. There is every type of hotel in Manapouri. You can find the best cheap accommodation with all amenities including health clubs, massage parlors, and hot tubs. You will find all categories of hotels and motels suitable for single people, couples, groups, and families.

Top Attractions in Manapouri

Among the top attractions in Manapouri, are:

  • Tour Doubtful Sound Wilderness Cruise to experience the most dense forests and alpine moss gardens
  • Have adventures on a Kayak and Cruise on the Lake Manapouri
  • Join Fiordland Expeditions on cruises to mountain vistas and watch dolphins
  • Go on a jet boat ride along the Waiau River from Luxmore Jet

Hotels Offering Best Deals in Manapouri

Before you plan your trip to Manapouri, find the best possible accommodation in New Zealand in great Manapouri hotel deals. You will find hotels providing 4 and 5-star amenities situated in the most beautiful locations. Find hotels in all of the top destinations including those closeted in the valleys of the beautiful mountain ranges. We provide you with all information about the best Manapouri hotel deals.

Places to eat in Manapouri

You will find some of the most exquisite restaurants in Manapouri catering for tourists and backpackers by serving great tasting food that is fresh from the farm. Among the popular restaurants in this small town, Cathedral Café and Manapouri Lake View Motor Inn are the most popular ones. You will find each of these places ideal for dining whether you are on a family trip, alone, or a couple wanting a charming atmosphere. These restaurants are favorites for any international traveler as well as for locals.


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